Our online shop has been open for one week, Today! 

One of our recent online customers sent us a delightful message, letting us know how happy he was that we opened an online store. He used to live around the corner from one of our shops and had moved away to another province. This filled me with so much joy. All the data entry work was paying off because I was able to reach one of our regulars via the internet. 

I was so hesitant to go online. I was worried that I would end up spending more time on my computer and less time interacting with people in our stores. I love paper and people. Conversations by the cash register and building relationships with our communities is one of my favourite parts of business ownership. Analytics and coding, not so much. This sweet email from our customer today made me realize that it can still be possible to connect through our online shop, to gift wrap for our customers and to build those connections. 

Thank you customer, I will keep your identity secret. Thank you for your encouraging words today. I am inspired. 


Catherine Choi 

Hanji Gifts 


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