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It will be eight years ago, this November, since we opened our first Hanji Gifts location in beautiful Koreatown Toronto. We really feel deeply rooted and established now in Toronto and in our communities. With those connections, we feel a strong bond with our regular customers and want to share our world with all of you! For eight years I have thoroughly enjoyed those chats by the cash register with so many of you and I often find that I am sharing updates about our family as you share updates with me too. People ask about our daughter and how quickly she is growing and ask how Hyun Suk is doing. Customers admire Hyun Suk's  incredible carpentry skills when they inquire as to who built all our shop displays. With the launch of our Youtube channel, Hyun Suk and I decided that it would be fun to also give you all a window into our lives, as so many of you have shared such touching stories about your lives with us as well!

Check out our latest video from when Hyun Suk gifted me an incredible raised garden house that he built himself, in our backyard. It was such a touching moment and I am excited to share with you how proud I am of his carpentry skills too!

Do you have ideas of great video content that would be of interest to you? We would love to hear your feedback! 

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Catherine Choi 

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