Hanji Paper

Hanji is the name of traditional handmade paper from Korea. Hanji is made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree, a tree native to Korea that grows well on its rocky mountainsides. The paper making tradition has existed in Korea for thousands of years and is still thriving to this day. Hanji Paper is known for it’s high quality and durability, making it look delicate yet be able to withstand a lot of crafting techniques. Whether you are creating a sculpture, looking to update a window, gift wrap, wallpaper or simply frame a beautiful piece of Hanji Paper, we have the largest selection of Hanji Paper in Canada, to meet you needs. If you are interested in selling Hanji Paper please email us at

Stationery and Notebooks

Looking for sticky notes but want something a little more fun? Do you have a friend who collects notebooks and pens? We have a diverse selection of stationery, notebooks and day planners that will please a vast array of tastes. From whimsy to elegant to cute. We take our time to find designs that would be hard to find anywhere else.


We have become famous for our huge selection of cards. From our Hanji Gifts card line to our impeccable Pop up Cards. We hope to provide customers with cards that are “more than just a card”.

Photo accessories

Photo clips, photo corners, photo albums, unique paper photo frames and envelopes to store all those important memories! We carry a variety of supplies to help preserve your story.


Beyond Hanji Paper, we also carry a variety of wrapping papers, ribbons, boxes, gift bags, tags,washi tapes and our famous Hanji rope! For those of you who are on the go or need a professional wrap job for that special person, we also offer a gift wrapping service. All gifts purchased in store are wrapped for FREE!


Papers, card stock, stamp sets, wax seals, bookbinding supplies and the strongest glue in town! We have loads of craft supplies to help you with your project and even more to help inspire your project you didn’t know you had!


Gift Ware from South Korea is famous for it’s stunning design and high quality, while also being reasonably affordable. We carry a large selection of beautifully made ceramics, mother of pearl boxes, mirrors, business card cases, fans, jewelry and much more. Each delicate detail is a piece or art and hand crafted to perfection.

Made local

We carry a variety of cards and giftware from local artists! 

  • Paper Paradigm 
  • Fenwick Candles
  • Gerts Greetings
  • Neogami Origami Jewelry 
  • Broken Images

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